Withdrawing From PayPal To Mpesa Instantly – Chura

How do you withdraw from Paypal to Mpesa? You ask.The regular method of accepting payment for most freelancers in Kenya if not all is through PayPal, right? But for those of us who do not have an Equity bank account, it can be a hustle to access your money and especially when you need it the most.Even if you use PayPal to Equity withdrawal services, it takes several working days before you can withdraw your hard earned dollars.

How To Withdraw From PayPal To Mpesa Instantly

In this post, I am going to illustrate how you can withdraw from your PayPal account to your Mpesa in seconds using Chura.I was searching the webs for the fastest way I can withdraw from PayPal to Mpesa, and I stumbled about this cool website called Chura.

Chura is a website that allows you to buy airtime, exchange your airtime to data bundles, buy data and also they allow you to access your PayPal dollars straight to your Mpesa.

For Paypal to Mpesa transfer go to www.chura.co.ke and on the icon that says PayPal to Mpesa click on it, and you will be re-directed to this page;

mpesa to paypal


Enter the amount you want to transfer to your Mpesa but in dollars then fill in your mobile number and your email address that you use with your PayPal account.Next, >>>>Click Here To Pay<<<<.You will be re-directed to PayPal, login and you will receive a confirmation message in your email that looks like this.

paypal confirmation


Click here to confirm your phone number and email address and within seconds, your money will be in your Mpesa. You will get a confirmation from PayPal that the transfer was successful.


Chura limited will sent you a confirmation email that your transaction was successful.

chura confirmation message
That was not a hard process,right? I have not used other Chura’s services but in future, I will give them a try.About their exchange rate which is 1 USD = Ksh 96.05, I am not sure if they offer the best rates in the market but feel free to compare them with others too.For me, I will recommend them anytime to anyone who needs instant access to their PayPal chums.If you have tried them, let me know what was your experience in the comment section.