Why You Should Consider WordPress For Your Blog

WordPress has been my favorite content management system (cms) for quite some time.There are a lot of benefits on WordPress that led me to ditch Joomla and build most of my client’s websites using WordPress.Note: Am not saying  Joomla  is a bad CMS in fact some of my client’s websites that I have build still runs on it  I just want to give you some of the benefits of using WordPress to power your blog.

Very Easy To Use

When I started using WordPress I had no previous know how on how the CMS works.Its interface is very easy to navigate and there ain’t much jargon so you get how it works easily.Time spent on editing in the back-end is also reduced due to its simplicity.

You Can Manage Your Website From Any Computer/Smart Phone

You can easily login to your admin panel from any device because WordPress is browser based hence easy accessibility.And there is even the WordPress app available on Google Play store for your smartphone,isn’t that amazing?

You Don’t Need FTP To Upload Themes

You can upload images,documents,videos,themes etc without using the ftp software because WordPress is “self-contained”.

Easy Search Engine Indexing

Most search engines if not all loves sites built on WordPress because the codes are very clean and simple making it easy for search engines to crawl the site and index it.You can also easily use meta tags to enhance your search engine optimization efforts.

Multiple Users

As an admin you can easily add multiple users and assign them different login details as well as capabilities.For example you can create a user whose work will be editing your blog posts and another user who can be posting content.

Simple to Install Plugins

You can easily install a plugin directly from the admin panel by just clicking install then activating the plugin.The good news is most of the plugins are absolutely free.

Free Upgrades

Unlike most soft-wares such as Dreamweaver,Photoshop or Flash that requires you to pay a premium to upgrade WordPress is absolutely free to upgrade.

There you go,these are some of the most amazing features of WordPress that you won’t find on most of the other content management systems.If you wish to start your blogging journey and you don’t have the skill to install WordPress on your self hosted blog let me know and I will help you for free.