Why You Need A Website for Your Business

When I started my freelancing career a few years ago,the first thing that came into my mind was “I need a website”. I was still in campus and I didn’t even know how a website is designed or even terminologies such as a domain name,web hosting leave alone a content management system.I had noticed that companies that were doing well in Kenya had a website,so I would constantly ask myself why do I need a website?

I was very interested on how I will get my website designed,so I started saving after I had inquired from a web designer how much it will cost me to develop one.Later on my website was done and during the design process I learnt a thing or two about web design thanks to smart web guru Dean Achesa who is also a mentor and a very good friend.Thanks to him I can now fully develop a website from scratch after he took me through training for about 6 months.The rest as they say is history.

In my few years of web designing in Kenya,I have come to learn that both corporates and small business owners need a website.I decided to do my research based on my experience as a web designer and here are the best reasons why it is a wise decision to own a website for your business.

Reason #1 – Your Business Is Open 24 Hours

Owning a website for your business or organization means that you are open 24/7 (24 hours a day and seven days a week). Most of your potential clients surf the net in the evening when most businesses are closed because during the day they are occupied with work.When you have a website it means that even if your physical location is closed you are just as good as open.With a your website you can communicate with your potential clients worldwide and geographical locations or time zones is not a problem with the availability of your website.

Reason #2 – More Customers For Your Business

Did you know that approximately 2.4 billion people in the world surf the internet every day? It is estimated 90% of those have purchased something online or  contacted a company online inquiring about products or services in the last 12 months.According to world bank statistics 51.7% of Kenyans are internet users,that is approximately 26,223,347 Internet users.Now you see? By not having a website you are missing out on a big piece of the pie.

Reason #3 – Affordable and Expandable Marketing

When you compare the cost of distributing traditional methods of advertising such as the newspaper,magazine ads,flyers and tv you will find out that the cost of setting up a website is nominal compared to the traditional forms of advertising. The best thing about owning a website is that you can change information on the website as it changes within your business at no cost.Compare that with printed materials that need to be reprinted at a cost.Also you get free adverting when blogs and other websites links back to your site. When your content is optimized (S.E.O) and people search for a related term in search engines,your site appears on top of the search results for free and it allows prospective clients to find about your service or product.

Reason #4 – Low Barriers Of Entry

Let us be honest starting a business in Kenya is a hustle.You need a starting capital (and sometimes a huge amount of capital depending on the business you want to start). But with a website you can start your business on a virtual space.You just need to purchase a domain name for your business and web hosting for your website and you are good to go.You may choose to design your website if you have the expertise but if you don’t like dealing with codes you can hire a website designer and they are plenty of them in Kenya.

Reason #5 – Instant Credibility

Have ever had difficulty in making your first sale? Or convincing a potential client that you are the real deal? Well with a well designed website you can foster instant credibility with any client.You can provide proof with your website that you are the realest of deals and especially if you have a portfolio on your website to back it up.

Reason #6 – Compete With The Big Guys

Most of us want to get into business but we are not sure how to compete with the big names out there right? Well with a well optimized website and a solid strategy behind it you can you can “smash” the big guys.You might not have a chance to build a big office or build a sky-crapper  like them but your website can break down the perceived wall between your business and them.

So…..why do you need a website for your business in Kenya?

Can you think of a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t? If you are ready to go online I offer free consultations on the best platform to build your website on.