How To Make Money Blogging When You Are A Beginner

So you have just set up your blog, and you are now ready to start monetizing it, here is the hard truth, making money blogging is not as easy as most people thinks.And it is even more difficult if you are a newbie in blogging.Having no huge followers or loyal readers makes it hard to make money with your blog.

But don’t you worry, here I am going to tell you some few proven ways that I have tested and will help you make money while blogging as a beginner.

Start By Building An Email List

Before I tell you about any other way you can make money with your blog as a beginner, I bet that building an email list is the most important thing if you were to start making money with your blog.

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Having an email list is the new currency in blogging.It is hard to convince online people to buy your services or products without first building a relationship with them.First, you will need to make trust with them before you can start thinking about making money online.And there is no other better way to start building trust online than building an email list.

Just observe all the successful online marketers that are making a fortune online, and you will notice one common thing, they all have an email list (some have hundreds, others thousands and the big shots have millions of subscribers in their email list).

Other Importance Of an email list includes:

-Helps in driving traffic to your blog.
-Build a specific audience
-Increase your conversion rates
-Make more sales

Make sure you choose a better email subscription service provider to build your email list.I use and recommend MailChimp; it is easy to install and customize.

Start Freelancing

Once you have acquired a good number of subscribers on your email list, now start pitching to your followers about the product you sell or services that you offer.

It can be anything that you are passionate about or have skills in.As for me I live and breath web design (you can visit my portfolio). Some other freelancing services that you can offer includes article writing, academic writing, transcription, logo designing and many others.Make sure you are passionate about your freelancing gigs because it is easy to get bored along the way.Create a strong portfolio so that you may attract more clients.

Note: Having a website or a blog helps in boosting your freelancing career, and it does not matter which freelancing service you offer.A website or a blog helps you attract targeted audience and turning them into paying clients.If you need assistance in setting up your blog or website feel free to use my services.

Sign Up On Freelancing Sites

Freelancing sites like Up work and Fiverr are great websites to make money online by offering your services to clients who are ready to pay.

If you want to make money online almost instantly, then Fiverr and Up work (there are plenty of other freelancing sites you can choose from) will be an excellent way to start earning money online.But in the long run, if you want to make a passive income these sites are not for you.

It is a good idea to start building your blog from scratch, start writing engaging articles to drive more traffic then monetize that traffic.

Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, sign up for the best affiliate program in your niche.But first, figure out what top bloggers in your niche are selling from their blog, also take note which type of affiliate programs they are promoting.My favorite affiliate program must be Amazon associates.

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Always make sure that you use proper links for the products or services that you are promoting and display them in prominent places to give them more visibility hence more sales.

As said above having an email list will increase your affiliate sales.The good thing is, you don’t have to write new articles whenever they release an offer, all you have to do is write a convincing newsletter and send it to your blog subscribers.

In A Nutshell

Making money online is not different from making money offline.Patience is a virtue a great saying that you should abide by if you want to make money online.You won’t get any money if you don’t invest your money in your online business.So make sure that you invest in your blog by getting a custom domain (don’t use the free platform- cheap is always expensive), market yourself online and you will see the results no matter what.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.What methods did you use to make money online while you were a beginner?