6 Legit Blogs That Will Teach You How to Make Money

When it comes to making money, I am sure you have heard or read about on many blogs that teach how you can make money. But is it possible to learn how to make money? You ask, yes people are learning to make money online or offline.However many people jump into the industry after reading an over-hyped article about how they can earn huge amount of money daily/monthly after putting in little or no effort. Sounds familiar?

Here is the hard truth, you will have to work 24/7, and sometimes even sacrificing that sleep before you can make that first dollar. That’s why to answer your question on how you can earn money; here are researched and collected statistics about the blogs that will teach you how to make money.

  1. Problogger

Problogger by Darren Rowse is one of the best blogs to go to when you need information on how to make money blogging. You will learn a lot by visiting this blog, from how to start your blog in five minutes, how to drive traffic to your blog, different ways you can monetize your blog and also how to get your readers to subscribe to your blog.

  1. Lifehack

As the name suggests, Lifehack will teach you hacks in life that will help you learn to earn money. They have plenty of blog posts that cover the topic on making money, and it doesn’t matter if you are looking to get to make money in the finance sector or blogging they have plenty of subjects covered. You will learn a lot of life hacks by visiting this blog.

  1. Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur blog is another active blog that teaches entrepreneurs how they can make money. With plenty of engaging posts, here you can learn what it takes to be a successful business person.

  1. Tech Crunch

Are you a tech junkie? Techcrunch is a blog that gives you the latest news in the tech world. They bring you the latest innovations news, startup news, and plenty of all that concern technology. Here you will get ideas on what are the billion dollar ideas and even learn how you can earn money with your startup.

  1. Startup Camp

Another informative blog by Dale Partridge. Startupcamp will teach you money making methods using proven ways that Dale has used or is using. He also offers pieces of training to his subscribers at a fee – nothing comes freely, and you have to invest money to earn money. By subscribing to this blog, you will learn tons of different ways you can make real money. What stands out from this blog is that Dale uses his real-life examples while teaching you how to make money, a good way to learn from the guru himself.

  1. Forbes

Forbes doesn’t only bring you lists of richest guys in the world; they also have guest posts that will teach you real ways that you can harness your passion or talent to make money. They say it is best practice to learn from the best and by visiting forbes not only will you get to read stories of millionaires and how they spend their millions, but you will learn a thing or two from them on how they make their money.

Wrapping it up

These blogs will teach you different methods that you can implement to earn yourself money whether online or offline. You now know the blogs to visit if you want to learn how to make money.These are personally my favorite blogs and  you can share your favorites too in the comment section I add them to my list.