Here Is How You Can Get More Subscribers For Your Blog

When starting a brand new blog,every milestone poses its own challenges.But perhaps none more so than getting readers to your blog who will subscribe to your newsletter.That is the most daunting task of breaking outside of your friends and family into your first set of real readers or customers.For many it can be overwhelming.Where do you even start? How do you break in to an already over saturated market? Now let me suggest the things I’ve found helpful and will help you in increasing your subscriber numbers.

1.Don’t Be Shy, ask People To Subscribe

This sounds a little too simple but you will be amazed how people will subscribe to your blog once you mention that you have a newsletter.

Regular call to subscribe

You can do this in different ways,including:

  • Write a dedicated blog post – let people know you have a newsletter and why they should subscribe.
  • Mentioning your newsletter in your blog posts. Make sure you don’t over do it, but a mention now and then will work wonders for you.
  • Promote your newsletter across all social media. Mention your newsletters on Twitter, Facebook,Linkedin etc when you are writing a newsletter and when it goes out.

The key here to remember when promoting your newsletter regularly,is to come up with fresh ways to tell people about it.Don’t have for example the same tweet urging people to subscribe every day,your followers will get bored and some might even un-follow you.

2.Write About Yourself

If you can’t get them to write about you, write about yourself.PR and mentions can be a blessing for your new blog,but only if you find the right angle.Big blog outlets will only cover you if something substantial is happening with your blog.Find a way to be super-useful to a bigger blogger in your niche and they may just be inclined to share you with their audience if it’s a good fit.

So if the big shots  don’t come for you what do you do here?Get your own story out there.Write your own press releases, and craft some great guest blog posts.This will get people to know about  your blog or your brand, if you do it right and share it with the right site. Link back to yourself respectfully. Also, don’t just do it once – write every time you release a new product, have a brand new thing to share with your community, or have something coming up that you want to get traction on.

3. Place Calls to Subscribe In ‘Hot Zones’

Another tip is to identify some ‘hot zones’ on your blog, to place calls to subscribe. These zones are either places that your readers will be looking or pages that they’ll be visiting.

I can suggest a couple for you:

  • Under your blog posts – You’ve read a post and have found it useful. This is the perfect time to ask readers to subscribe because they’re hopefully feeling satisfied, stimulated and helped in some way.A call to subscribe at the end of an informative post can work wonders here.
  • Popular Posts – Dig into your blogs analytics package and identify which posts are the most read posts on your blog.These posts are a real opportunity to make your blog a little more sticky and to hopefully call some of those first time readers to subscribe.


Another way to get your blog name out there is to find other blogs or brands of same niche that complement your own, and cross-promote. This can be on their blog, their twitter or their Facebook. This allows you to reach their audience and in return gives you something to tell your audience that isn’t just “buy my product.” Remember to keep the basic tips in mind – be useful and be relevant. What can you provide their audience that they’re not already getting? What will the new blog or brand provide yours? Collaborate on a win-win situation for all.

How Have You Increased Subscribers To Your Blog?

I have barely scratched the surface here on how to increase subscribers to your blog and would love to hear your suggestions and experiences on the topic in comments below.What has worked for you?