Free Professional Blog Installation & Customization Service For Awesome People!

To help you start your blogging journey I am pleased to offer my  WordPress installation and setup service for FREE thanks to my philanthropic mood today…. Good news is you don’t even need to use my hosting services or register your domain name with me (though I will be glad if you do so).

Ready to get started? Pick a host

I  personally recommend Weblog Hosting. With Weblog hosting you will be charged Ksh 190 per month that’s Ksh 2,280 per year plus a domain name of your choice at Ksh 1,650 total will be Ksh 3,930. Meaning with only Ksh 3,930 I will design and customize your blog absolutely free. Bet this is a good deal if you are just starting and you need to save or maybe you don’t even have that cash to save,right?

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Another host you can also choose from if you have not yet gotten a web host is BlueHost. Check  all these two out and choose the plan that suits you…

NOTE: To be eligible for my free blog designing and  installation service you must sign up for one of these hosts using my referral link above or you need to have a host of your own.

Getting started with Professional Blog setup

1.You choose any of the hosting companies above and sign up for a new hosting account. I support all these hosts so the choice is yours.

2.Once your hosting is set up, just email me your cpanel details at
3.I install and configure WordPress for you, along with your choice of plugins and any custom theme from the WordPress theme directory.

What I will do for you

1.WordPress installation.
2.Full theme installation and configuration.
3.Homepage theme setup with your own content.
4.Create pages.
5.Theme Customization.
6.Security set up and configuration.
7.Spam protection
8.SEO plugin set up, Analytics and sitemap
9.Custom forms set up and configuration
10.Make it work properly on mobile devices
11.Improve WordPress loading time
12.Need more? Let me know

Free Setup service includes:

1.Installation and configuration of WordPress blog along with my recommended SEO and security plugins, plus up to 3 other free plugins of your choice from the WordPress plugin directory.
2.Installation of the free theme of your choice from the WordPress theme directory.

How can I offer this for free?

There’s no such thing as a free lunch right? That’s absolutely true, and in this case it’s just that someone else is paying for your free lunch!

I get paid a commission for all new hosting accounts I refer to these hosting companies; Weblog & BlueHost so by using my referral link I get a commission, paying for my time to do the installation for you.But if you had already bought hosting from someone else don’t worry you are still eligible – I don’t mind doing it for free also!

What does the installation service also include?

I have describe above what is explicitly included, but I want to make it clear that I will also offer free theme customization as part of the installation.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this offer please drop me a comment below or email me at

Disclaimer: This offer only runs for a limited period of time!