BitHub.Africa To Launch Bitcoin Affiliate Program

BitHub.Africa has launched an Affiliate program for its ecommerce store and has already subscribed over 40 affiliates across Africa; mainly from South Africa, Nigeria, Botswana and Ghana.

According to the firm, the goal of this program is to provide income earning opportunities through network marketing especially for African youth by using Bitcoin as a platform for open innovation.

BitHub Africa’s flagship product is an e-book titled “The Blockchain Opportunity” which will be released on 15th July 2016 at pre-sale price of $49.99 a 50% discount on the launch price of $99.99.

The e-book targets a global audience and discusses how crypto-currencies and tokens could scale disruptive solutions across Africa. BitHuub.Africa surveyed over 10 innovative crypto-currency developers from around the World and say the e-book presents possible areas of disruption using blockchain technology.

Affiliates will earn 10% for every legitimate sale of the e-book. Each affiliate will have a referral link they can share via social media and banners they can place on their websites. Commissions will be paid automatically via the Bitcoin blockchain.