Best Practices For A Great Blog Design

In today’s world you need a website that is well built for you to compete with your competitors because first impression really do matter.So what makes a website looks great?Have you ever searched for a product or service on a search engine and ended up buying it online?There are many factors that attracts one to a site and for a website to be considered great it has to adhere to these five web design best practices.

1.A Well Designed Home Page

As they say first impression matters a lot and most people will not even spent a second on a blog that has a poorly done homepage.A good homepage should tell a first time visitor what your blog is about,what do you offer and what the visitor will do.If a visitor can’t figure out what is it that you do within seconds chances are he/she will close the page and never to return back ever again.Avoid too much information on the homage because it will make your website looks fluffy.Make your home page compelling so that visitors may stay for long.A homepage optimized for mobile devices is a plus because majority of people now read or search for stuff to buy using their mobile phones.

2.You Need A Call To Action

Make sure that your website has an effective call to action so that visitors may be directed to the next logical step to make a conversion.Keep in mind while doing your web design that the main purpose of your website is to make a conversion from a visitor.A good example of how you can make a visitor become a client is using a call to action message such as “buy now” but make sure it is strategically placed and does not look like a scam because no one like clicking a link only to be redirected to a totally different website.For you to convert visitors easily ensure that your images,choice of color,texts and links are catchy to compel visitors take an action.Each page should have its own call to action message such as a “sign up” form on the home page,”read more” link on the blog section or a “contact us” page.

3.Social Media Integration

We live in a social world and if your website don’t show signs of being on social media visitors might as well not be attracted to your website.Most visitors would love to follow your company on social media sites so as to keep abreast with what you will be sharing on the social media.If you you leverage on social media you can have an increase in traffic to your website.Ensure that your website is fully integrated with all the social media site so as to make it easy for visitors to share your content or follow your company.

4.Have A Dynamic Blog

A good blog is up to date and changes according to trends.If your blog was build lets say like 10 years ago and your pages are static and has never been updated or changed that could be the reason why you are not attracting new visitors.Visitors hate old looking websites and will leave immediately because they will assume the website is abandoned and its never updated hence nothing new.Make sure you website is constantly being changed to reflect the need for your visitors and answer their questions.

5.Your Blog Should Be Easy To Navigate

Make sure your blog is easy to navigate and users will not have a hard time moving from one page to another.Visitors loves it when they can easily find their way around your blog but if its complicated they will close your website and move to your next available competitor.Make sure your breadcrumb navigation offer your visitors an easy way to trace back their initial landing page.

In Summary

Now you get it,its not just about the web design codes, you need to take good care of your blog appearance because as they say first impression really matters and if it does your website should portray all these five qualities mentioned above.Not having a good blog design will cost you potential clients who could have been converted into repeat clients and a waste of your money as well.Does your blog posses all these qualities?