The Goldmine That Is Amazon Mechanical Turk

A few weeks ago I received an email from Amazon Mechanical Turk that read “Congratulations! Your previous request to join the Amazon Mechanical Turk marketplace has been accepted.” I had applied like a year ago, and I was excited to hear that I was accepted to join the Amazon Mechanical Turk marketplace! First, Amazon is a highly regarded company, and you don’t have to worry about being scammed.Personally, I can attest that they are legit, and I have earned  $6.07 since I was accepted (note: on average some people earn up to $150-$300 per week).

mturk earnings
The reason I have only made $ 6.07  with Amazon Turk is that I have not been serious about it. But am planning to dedicate 2-3 hours per day and see how it goes. Disclaimer: Like any other online job weigh the advantages and disadvantages before you decide to open the account.

Launched in 2005, Mechanical Turk takes its name from The Turk, an eighteenth-century chess-playing “machine”. The Turk appeared to beat its opponents using an intricate clockwork mechanism; in fact, a chess master was hidden inside, pulling the strings.

How To Earn Online As A Turker

Signing up is very simple, it takes 48 hours for approval for U.S.A profiles. But the Amazon team gets to decide who gets in and sometimes it may take months or even years before one is approved.For my case, it took almost a year before my account was approved.

Tasks offered are called HITS which stands for Human Intelligence Tasks.As I am writing this post, there are 792,674 HITS available to choose from my account.On weekdays during regular working hours there are more HITS available as compared to weekends, sometimes up to 1 million HITS.

Tasks here ranges from transcription, taking surveys, getting products codes from a receipt, typing texts from a given image, classifying revenues and thousands of other jobs.The best thing is you can work from anywhere, and it is a taking account no bidding.You just select tasks that you are good at and start earning immediately.

What Skills Do I Require?

Unlike some companies that provide online jobs and requires you to have specific skills, Mechanical Turk tasks are very simple, and almost anybody can perform them. Long as you meet the basic requirements, and you are above 18 years. You don’t need a degree to start earning with mturk.

My Experience With Amazon Mechanical Turk

The few days I have worked on Amazon Mechanical Turk has been wonderful.The tasks there are very simple, and there is no minimum balance you need to attain before withdrawing.Please note: Newly registered Workers may only complete a limited number of Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) each day, and payments from Requesters are delayed until you have been active on Amazon Mechanical Turk for at least ten days. As a Worker participating in the Amazon Mechanical Turk marketplace, you can transfer the earnings you receive from Requesters to an (U.S.) gift card balance.I use my earnings to shop for Kindle eBooks, but you can shop for anything you like on Amazon, it is up to you.